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  • ESIA European Supervision Individual Award – individual accreditation
  • EIA European Individual Award Master Practitioner by EMCC
  • MCC Master Certified Coach individual credentialing by ICF
  • ITCA Individual Team Coach accreditation Practitioner


  • Bluesky International –  BI ESQA Diploma Coach Supervisor training (2022)
  • Gestalt Center For Coaching – The Path to Coaching Mastery: Embody the Essence and Practice of Mastery – Path to Mastery – Coaching Mastery Coach(2021)
  • Global Team Coaching Institute – Practitioner in Team Coaching – Perill Stream (2021)
  • Coaches Raising – The Power of Embodied Transformation –  Transformational coach (2020)
  • Systemic management & organizational Constellations – (2019)
  • Integral Institute – Professional Integral Leadership Coach, Integral Coaching facilitator  (2019)
  • EMCC Unidici – Coach supervizor trening (2018)
  • Coaching & Mentoring International David Clutterbuck – Team Coach (2018)
  • Jungian Coaching School – Jungian Master Coach & Trainer (2015-2019)
  • Academy of Executive Coaching – Systemic Team Coach 2015
  • Expressive Arts Coach & Therapy –  CEAT practitioner & facilitator – CEAT coach 2014-2016
  • INLAPTA – NLP Coach (2013-2014)
  • Strozzi Embodiment (2014)
  • Academy of Executive Coaching – Executive Coaching(2012 – 2013)
  • University in Ljubljana, HRM & Economics


My philosophy of supervision

For me, SuperVision empowers us as coaches to embrace a state of pure presence, allowing us to deeply learn from every coaching encounter while remaining attuned to our inner and outer experiences. It enables us to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery in our interactions with clients and the systems they are part of.

I’m truly passionate about guiding and supporting coaches in crafting their visions, developing clear pathways, and successfully realizing their potential while creating transformational experiences for their clients. I am committed to pushing the boundaries of what each coach can truly achieve and become.

My coaching philosophy is firmly rooted in a holistic and diverse perspective, drawing from systemic and integrative principles. In my supervisory role, I adopt a pragmatic, co-creative, client-focused, and evolving approach. I thrive in complex situations, welcome strong emotions, and embrace the emergence of new insights. My aim is to foster an environment that encourages exploration and expansion of your thought processes, senses, and emotional landscapes. I encourage you to share your triumphs and setbacks with courage, to identify and address any potential biases, and to remove obstacles that hinder your success. Together, we’ll integrate your experiences and boldly explore new, innovative approaches to enhance your coaching practice.

 Utilizing a diverse array of tools and skills, I create an immersive environment that allows you to zoom out and take a systemic view, delving into the symbolic language that gives your unconscious a voice. This integration of holistic elements and insights enhances your conscious life, enabling you to make a positive impact. You’ll harness your personal and professional strengths, master your skills and confidence, nurture your well-being, and reignite your passion and purpose.”

Hobby and interest

Embracing self-discovery has been the most precious gift I’ve bestowed upon myself, a continual journey of exploration and a deep dive into my inner world. I find immense fulfillment in practices like mindfulness and somatics, as they allow me to navigate my inner theatre with grace. I also derive great joy from engaging in sacred Gurdjieff and formless dances. Transpersonal, archetypal, and quantum psychology have always intrigued me, offering profound insights into the ‘why’ behind our existence as we are. I firmly believe that my ongoing exploration of self enhances my role as a supervisor and mentor.

My life motto is to live in the present moment, cherishing the sea, the wisdom of good books, meaningful conversations, hearty laughter, and the world of art. I’ve seamlessly woven all these passions into my coaching journey. While I call Slovenia home, my work transcends borders, allowing me to connect with clients on an international scale.



Knowing and understanding yourself is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.


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